about ladyjai


i am a woman who enjoys creating things. i create wallpapers for wide screen monitors, i create incredimail letters, tags, extras and sometimes log on screen for my computer.  i have a website  http://www.wallpaper-2-g0-.com and i am an associate with http://www.themeshack.net where you can get all sorts of desktop enhancements for your pc. they also make enhancements for windows xp.  i also have this http://public.fotki.com/ladyjai i have 4 yahoo groups and just love them.

i am not very good at blogging, as this is one of my first.  so i am creating my first blog here and hoping it is okay.  i am married and have 2 kids (grown) and a siamese cat.

i love movies, reading, and creating.  my favorite tv shows are buffy, charmed, angel and supernatural. but i am also a diehard WWE fan.  WM27 is sure to be a great show this year especially with the rock hosting it.  i watch monday night raw, friday night smackdown, thursday night wwe superstars and sometimes tna. but that show is getting kind of like a soap opera to me anymore so dont watch it much.   thanks for visiting my site and talk to you soon!

doll blinkie

make time in your life for wonder


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